Shorinji Kempo Wimbledon

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Shorinji Kempo Wimbledon

St. Andrew's Hall, Herbert Road St. Andrew's Hall, Herbert Road, Wimbledon, England, SW19 3SH  (Show me directions)

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  Monday: Closed , Tuesday: 19:30 to 21:30 , Wednesday to Friday: Closed , Saturday: 11:30 to 13:30 , Sunday: Closed




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What's Shorinji Kempo?

The biggest difference between Shorinji Kempo and other martial arts is that the focus is not on competing to determine who is better or stronger or who the winners and losers are. It is used not to attack someone but to protect yourself and your loved ones. There are no contests in which the object is to defeat one's opponent. There are competitions, but their purpose is to demonstrate the techniques one has learned and to have them evaluated by others.

Shorinji Kempo teaches effective self-defence utilising both hard and soft techniques - Goho 剛法 and Juho 柔法. This creates a system of self-defence built on technique rather than physical strength, meaning a smaller and/or weaker defender can overcome a larger and/or stronger attacker. Seiho 整法 (a therapeutic massage system to relax the muscles and relieve tension) and meditation are also taught in the class.


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